Welcome to the Law Offices of Henry Knebel - Valencia, California

Located in Valencia, California, the Law Offices of Henry Knebel represents businesses and individuals in litigation, transactional, insurance, and real estate matters.   We serve consumers and  real estate, insurance, and financial service businesses in California and across the nation. 
Mr. Knebel has over 30 years experience representing both consumers and large businesses.  His areas of expertise include litigation, real estate law, insurance regulation, RESPA, settlement services, and title insurance.
Some Practice Areas
  • Real estate related enterprises - developers, closing service companies, real estate brokers, private investors, lenders, escrow companies, and organizations serving them.
  • Architects, title companies, construction companies, lenders and loan brokers.
  • Purchase and sale of real property.
  • Loans and leases.
  • Real estate development.
  • Insurance regulation.
  • Real estate regulation.
  • Easement and land use transactions and disputes.
  • Access right disputes.
  • Real estate title disputes.
  • Title insurance claims.
  • Commercial collections.
  • Foreclosures and loan negotiations.
  • Consumers.



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